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This super VGA extension lead is known as the best in the industry.  The lead is made in the premium 3x RGB Coax plus 9 wiring configuration, which can minimise the quality loss in long distance.  Two ferrite filters at both ends also reduce any video interference.


  • Transmit video signals and stereo audio using the one cable
  • Ideal for when connecting to a PC, projector or laptop


  • 3 RGB Coax + 9 wiring configuration
  • Ferrite Filters at both ends - Dimensions: 17.5mm X 28.5mm X 9.5mm
  • AWG28, OD=8.5mm
  • Black dentate cable with PVC jacket
  • HD15 plug to HD15 plug lead
  • 4x R37.7 screws (2x each end): for secure connection
  • HD15 plugs: Blue with all 15 pin connection
  • Cable: Black insulation